Giordana Women's Bottoms



Value Winter Combo Lady


Some serious value here… Contents:

  • Undershirt Windfront S/Sleeve
  • Giordana Armwarmer
  • Giordana Silverline Knickers
  • Giordana Tri Season Glove
  • Giordana Balaclava Or earwarmer
  • Giordana ToeCover

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Out of stock



Super Roubaix warmers are a must when the temperature begins to drop. The inner loft insulates the skin while being breathable and moving moisture away to keep you warm. A standard accessory any cyclist should have in their wardrobe for riding through cool and cold conditions.




The Balaclava is the ultimate defense against the winter elements for your head and face. Constructed with time tested Roubaix™ fabric, which is designed to insulate body heat and even protect against gusts of icy air.




The TriSeason glove is our most versatile winter glove model, appropriate for a variety of temperatures and weather conditions. A windfront material along the back of the hand is paired with a comfortable gel padded palm appointed with silicone gripper panels to ensure a reliable grasp of the handle bars even in slick conditions.


Front of the jersey is made of 3-layer fabric which consists of two extremely light Dryarn layers and within a layer of Windtex membrane that blocks air and releases body moisture for an excellent comfort and a perfect dry effect to complete the composition, the sleeves and back are made of a single light Dryarn layer with extremely soft hand


SilverLine garments showcase performance and value as only decades of expertise in manufacturing cycling apparel can. The SilverLine Knicker is the culmination of that experience. Utilizing a classic Giordana cut that has evolved over decades of refinement – the resulting fit is comfortable and non-restrictive






Keep your toes toasty with Giordana Neoprene Toesters.








For those who may not prefer a complete cap, the Knitted Ear Cover is the perfect choice. It keeps your ears warm while allowing ample ventilation from the crown of the rider’s head.