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Knowing the difference between a cap and a hat is certainly one of the earliest lessons within cycling. Fortunately, armed with this BMC Racing Team summer cap you won’t only be displaying your cycling knowledge but also your support for a team consisting of many of the world’s best riders.

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What’s Different?
There’s very little to say about cycling caps. They’ve become a timeless piece of clothing within our world and the perfect addition to any kit. Not only are they invaluable under your helmet during cooler moments, they add insulation and protection from windchill. However, their appeal goes far beyond exclusively aiding your ride: on the podium, in the cafe, on the school run or even as a way of spotting your helpers in the feed zone, this is a piece that any discerning cyclist should not be missing..
This inimitable red and black cap sports the official colourway of the BMC Racing Team and is a strong sign of support for the world’s leading team and testament to your eye for style.

When to use?
On the podium, warming up, travelling to races, or under your cap on cooler days, this is a versatile piece. It is also perfect for team supporters, helpers and fans.