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The new socks fuguSpeer are completely new species of socks: very warm, very light + airBlock protection. For winterPlus riding conditions.

52%PA, 17%EA, 14%PP, 10%PES, 7%PU

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The fuguSocks are made of the ASSOS exclusive RXQ-fabric and feature our strataGon as airBlock protection on the front.

We recommend wearing it as a first layer directly on your skin or when temperature drops as a second layer in combination with any other warm ASSOS socks underneath.
Recommended overshoes as outer layer: winterBootie or fuguBootie.
For the complete, perfect winterPlus riding outfit combine it with the new tight LL.fugu, our fuguJacket, the new fuguGlove, new fuguBootie, new fuguCap or fuguHelm and, of course, new fuguSocks. It does not get any warmer than this.


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