Giordana Women's Bottoms



Silverline Short 2018 (ladies)


Developed through decades of experience, the SilverLine Short has been totally redesigned with a new soft microfiber fabric that keeps the body cool while offering gentle compression.

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Classic Comfort and Compression

SilverLine garments showcase performance and value as only decades of expertise in manufacturing cycling apparel can. The SilverLine Short is the culmination of that experience. Utilizing a classic Giordana cut that has evolved over decades of refinement; the resulting fit is comfortable and non-restrictive, yet supportive with the perfect amount of compression. All Giordana Women’s apparel is designed using the Women’s Contour Fit system, meaning the paneling and construction is derived from a women’s form in the riding position.


Rich Fabric

Used on the front, rear, and side panels, the microfiber fabric helps move moisture off the skin rapidly and supports the muscles with strategic compression while providing a soft and comfortable fit.


Leg Cuffs and Waistband

The leg cuffs are 4.5cm wide and are constructed of soft woven elastic, which stays in place while remaining soft and non-restrictive. The wide yoga inspired waistband is 100% elastic free and lined with soft mesh adding an extra level of comfort that keeps the short in place through the full range of movement a cyclist experiences on and off the bike. The double mesh layer front insert furthers comfort and ease of wear.


Rich Details

The short is richly finished with reflective striping at the back of each leg, Giordana rubber logo, accent color stripes and the women’s Cirro S-W chamois.

Technical Specs :


Giordana commissioned special proprietary alterations to the original structure of this material to maximize its performance.  Softer less absorbent fibers are used next to the skin, while the more absorbent fibers are used on the outside to pull moisture rapidly away from the body.

Nilo 220™

Nilo 220™ does the work of other performance microfibers, but with a softer hand. It is ideal for use in women’s collections because of its silky smooth feel. The material provides ample stretch to comfortably conform to a wide variety of body shapes and sizes.


Sensitive™ fabric is a smooth, low profile, and incredibly soft material which is used in the women’s internal 360 bra. The fabric is light and breathable, allowing perspiration to evaporate quickly. It provides comfortable support ideal for athletic use.


Zaffiro™ is an anti-abrasion fabric that reduces friction during the pedal stroke. Engineered to continue to perform over time, Zaffiro™ is particularly suitable for uses where durability, comfort and performance are required.

Moovix Light™

Moovix Light™ is a lightweight, breathable performance fabric that is highly elastic producing a superb fit. The unique honeycomb knit of Moovix Light allows for an omni-directional stretch, which makes the jersey fit close to the body and move with you throughout the range of motion.