Assos Ladies Shorts



Premium Winter Combo Lady


If you take this premium package, you’re kitted with some of the best winter gear money can buy.

Contents :

Assos LS.skinFoil_spring/fall_evo7 Block (2018)

Assos armWarmer_evo7 (2018) Black Block
Assos tiburuGlove_evo7 winter (2018)
bonkaSock_evo 7 Assos (2018) Black Volka
Assos tiburuHeadband_evo8
neckProtector_S7 Assos (2018) BLACK

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Key features

  • • RX Medium fabric
  • • Anatomically cut rear of leg
  • • Curved upper leg for added comfort and protection
  • • Left and right leg specific
  • • Added reflectors






An essential accessory, ASSOS cycling Arm Warmers add in coverage that can be easily deployed or removed as conditions dictate.








The ASSOS glove for spring and fall. It works to shield your hands from cooling caused by cold air typical of spring and fall riding conditions.






bonkaSock_evo7 is perfect for winter weather when the priority is keeping the foot warm, to promote blood circulation and prevent heat dispersion.







It also allows you to cover your mouth to avoid breathing cold air that can inflame your lungs. Made of one textile, four patterns and three components. Warm and ery comfortable to wear. It’s great for many other outdoor activities as well. Anatomically shaped, racingCut.






Protect just the most crucial parts. Shield your ears and forehead without the risk of overheating






Reduced volume and meticulously calibrated insulating effect. Open mesh: Actively transfers sweat to outer layers. Long sleeves: For added protection from the elements. seamless tubular knitting technology polypropylene fiber blend regularFit / unisex