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Lungo Bib Short 2021


The best of both worlds – a new take on Lungo.

The Lungo Bib Short combines a technical double-faced medium compression fabric, perfect for any ride, with paneling that supports a wide range of cyclists and body types.

New Fabric

The Icon fabric is the star of the new Lungo Bib Short. Allowing for all-day use without losing its compression over the length of your ride, this double-faced technical microfiber fabric uses a large square knit with a super soft interior that excels the movement of moisture for a fast drying short while promoting micro massaging effects to keep your legs fresh for those long rides.

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  • High cut waist panel made of breathable Icon fabric tailored for comfort and to comfortably accommodate a wide range of body types
  • New bib straps offer great return and are lightweight, with micro perforations on the inside – not on the outside edges – allowing the straps to breath and stay flat
  • Turned over hem finish on leg
  • Icon fabric: Medium compression, double-faced technical fabric with square weave on inside of fabric promotes fast drying and micro massaging
  • Kryptonite anti-abrasion fabric used at the seat panel for durability
  • Cirro chamois
  • Reflective accents at back of legs
  • Made in Italy

From the previous generation Lungo, which excelled on long, all-day rides and in comfort, supporting a wide variety of body types with its material and paneling, the new Lungo does all this and more, starting with a better price.

Icon Fabric – The outside of the Lungo short’s main material is a similar feel and look to a traditional Lycra short but the inside is a microfiber-polyester, with a large square knit and almost fleece-like finish for a very soft feel against the skin. This technical two-faced fabric also aids in compression and provides a micro-massaging effect as well as increased breathability, drying faster on hot rides. The material also does not loosen up with time or excessive heat for an all-day style medium compression.

The turned over hem on the edge of leg panels and a high waist for comfort accommodates a variety of body types. New bib straps use a very soft open mesh with stretch and breathability. The bib straps are micro perforated on the inside while the outside edges are not, helping with breathability, comfort, and the construction helps the straps lay flat.

The same textured fabric from the seat panel of our FR-C Pro bibs is also used here which is anti-abrasion, increasing durability and keeps you in place on a variety of seat surfaces.