Jingo – ASSOS Helmet


Ranking is a professional cycling helmet brand, a factory-based company with very strong r&d ability.

Ranking’s own label performnce division is one of the biggest cycling helmet producers, whose main activity is helmet production for other premium brands, including many names we all know well. The ASSOS WERKSMANNSCHAFT has chosen the Ranking collaboration because of its quality, immense technological expertise and know-how.



The R91 Feather helmet impressed us with its extreme light weight (170 g) small volume, ergonomically correct shape, excellent ventilation and overall clean, great looks. The technicians at Ranking showed great interest and reacted professionally and quickly in accommodating the ASSOS Werksmannschaft’s special requests, such as the little ASSOS detail of the adjustable clickFit closure buckle. It’s a fantastic product!

Primary product goal: Innovation! Be one of the world’s lightest road helmets.

Because there is no EPS insert in the helmet. Normally other manufacturers insert rigid structure inside the EPS (eps is the polystyrene material). Ranking is able to create a strong helmet without using any rigid insert in the main material. Nevertheless, Ranking R&D still made it possible to pass the CE EN 1078 standard. Very light weight, but safety is a priority.

The idea came from a car frame’s buffer design principles of product structure. One part of the frame receives an impact, but the whole frame absorbs the energy and disperses the stress.

_ Riders won’t feel the JINGO even after long-distance racing.
_ Most customers believe the more vents the helmet has, the cooler it is. This is not correct. More important is how the helmet creates ventilation. JINGO features an internal ventilation groove design, there are no inserts in the EPS.
_ Ranking R&D creates all its helmets based on the concept shown below. Oversize air inlets in the front and the small air outlets in the back force the heat to escape from the top.

_ The Ranking factory is ISO 9001 certified.
_ Ranking has its own test laboratory, enabling it to create higher quality helmets.
_ The Ranking factory passed the strictest audits of the Australian, Japanese and Korean governments. Each ASSOS product passes the CE EN 1078 standard.

Mod. ASSOS helmet, JINGO
Line ASSOS éxploitWerksmannschaft
Article No.
Color matte Black / White & Gold
Weight S: 170 g / M: 180 g / L: 190 g
Composition Three-in-one molded construction
Sizes S: 51-56 cm / M: 55-59 cm / L: 58-62 cm
Safety standard CE EN 1078
Replaces Helmet mod.”lazer”