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iJ.bonkaCento.6 (Slimfit)



iJ.bonKa.6 is the next generation of the ultimate ASSOS high performance winter jacket.

The word “new” at ASSOS is never just an esthetic makeup. New to ASSOS always means new technology, new know-how, new improvements. iJ.bonKa.6 replaces the legendary airJack (latest version, over eight years in production). Compared to its predecessor, it features less volume, lighter weight, increased protection and more functionality.iJ.bonKa.6 is the brand new, ultimate ASSOS high performance WINTER climaRange.6 insulator jacket.

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ATTENTION, ASSOS Novume: for the first time an ASSOS insulator jacket is available in two specific pattern designs:
1. mod. CENTO – tailoring contours to the competition slimFit cycling body type.
2. mod. MILLE – tailored to suit the more robust, performance regularFit athletic body type.

Leidenschaft: Countless man hours and prototyping, legendary ASSOS know-how and thousands of Werksmannschaft roadtest kilometers of harsh winter riding went into the engineering of your iJ.bonKa.6. All the effort, sacrifice and pain with a sole objective in mind: your total comfort. A future ASSOS icon. Created for riders who enjoy a lot of winter riding and deserve intelligent, high performance, avantgarde equipment. Quality has its price, but experience teaches us that in the long run it’s always less expensive, especially when it’s ASSOS. iJ.bonKa.6 is made for cycling. Created, engineered and manufactured by ASSOS of Switzerland.


iJ.bonKa.6 is your second layer outershell garment, engineered to function perfectly within your ALS (Assos Layering System). Use it in cold winter riding conditions, above 0°C (32°F). The bonKa operates best when used in combination with the next-to-skin ASSOS interactive body insulators.

ASSOS offers 4 climarange – specific interactive body insulators. Preferably, use the bonka with mod.interactive.6. However, the ALS is a guideline. Using a lighter and or heavier next-to-skin interactive body insulator, you can perfectly calibrate your needs and extend climaRange use. When riding conditions are around 0°C(32°F), try wearing two layers: interactive fall.4 combined with interactive winter.6 and the iJ.bonKa.6 over it. It works! The iJ.bonKa.6 has been designed to function perfectly within the system: combine it with the ASSOS LL.716 tights for maximum performance.

The iJ.bonKa.6 represents core competence at its finest: ASSOS custom, exclusive avant-garde fabrics combined with legendary ASSOS pre-shaped, specific riding position pattern design know-how. Engineered using the ASSOS cycling-specific science of body-mapping pattern design.

Meaning, applying performance specific textiles on various parts of the cycling body to ensure perfect body temperature control under cold, winter riding conditions. We must protect and insulate your body, not suffocate it!

The iJ.bonKa.6 features 32 pattern pieces, 6 different textiles and 13 components. – ASSOS technology TwinDeckFoiling in the chest and upper arm sections is a labor-intensive double-layer construction, a combination of strataGonUltra airBlock textile outside and RXQ fabric inside. Why? More effective insulation, better contouring fit. The chest and elbow areas

feature an additional, in-between wind protection layer. – Inside the collar area, the iJ.bonKa.6 features an additional, ergonomically shaped inner layer

turtleneck construction that contours to your chest and collar perfectly. This enables you to work with the front main zipper as an additional ventilation device on uphills, without decreasing chest and collar insulation.

– Rear panel features ASSOS RX textile for enhanced ventilation, allowing the iJ.bonKa.6 to trans- port vapour effectively.

– Integrated ASSOS rear stabilizer panel design, enabling the iJ.bonKa.6 to click onto your body, reduce vertical stretch and keep loaded pockets where they need to be: in position (no sagging). ASSOS patented – often imitated, never equalled.

– Side panels and lower arms are made out of the new ASSOS airBlock membrane textile, strataGonMedium.

Anatomical fit, ergonomically preshaped. Tailored to fit the body in the cycling position, incorpo- rating the ASSOS science of area cycling body-mapping – different textiles shaped and formed into position – allowing your iJ.bonKa.6 to do the job properly. Clicks on, then follows your move- ments. Very important! It is essential that you choose your perfect size. Your iJ.bonKa.6 can function properly only when it conforms to your body in the tucked position.

Your iJ.bonKa.6 uses the ASSOS airBlock strataGonUltra textile. This latest ASSOS fabric “jewel” is able to protect and respond intelligently to changes in climatic conditions and body temperature. Featuring extreme elasticity that results in a garment that fits, insulates and follows your body better. In the case of iJ.bonKa.6, the innovative uniqueness lies in the garment engineering. Instead of applying a traditional membrane sandwich (textiles glued together), ASSOS opted for its newly developed TwinDeckFoiling technology solution: stratagonUltra is used as the outer layer and functions as a super light, super elastic shield, ensuring thermal response action, windblock function and water resistance. Underneath you find the non-glued RXQ inner layer insulator fabric. Its duty is to maintain a stable microClima by insulating you thermically and taking care of moisture management. ASSOS technology TwinDeckFoiling is used on the front and upper arm panels, providing increased contouring, four-way stretch fit and accelerated moisture transfer properties. Although a more expensive assembly process, the advantages provided justify the cost. strataGon is the ASSOS textile family of airBlock, a laminated, high per- formance smart fabric: less volume, improved insulation, better impermeability and FASTER microClima control due to “body temperature response function” (patent pending). ASSOS strataGonUltra features the latest in membrane technology, the “flexible barrier function”: when the temperature is low the membrane reduces permeability, meaning the membrane “closes,” which helps retain body heat. As the temperature inside your microClima increases, the mem- brane “opens” to enhance the evaporation process, ensuring stabilization of your body temperature. ASSOS strataGonUltra allows for proper body temperature management. The advantages and uniqueness of the new ASSOS strataGon generation of laminated fabrics is that they get the job done FASTER, and feature a LOWER VOLUME to weight ratio than any other membrane textiles currently used in cycling apparel.

• The iJ.bonka.6 features 32 pattern pieces, 6 different textiles and 13 components.
• ASSOS cycling-specific science of body-mapping pattern design.
• Anatomical fit, ergonomically pre-shaped. Tailored to fit the body in the cycling position.
• ASSOS technology TwinDeckFoiling.
• Front, arm, collar and side panels feature strataGon airBlock membrane fabric.
• a strataGon airBlock: provides body temperature response function thanks to molecule gapping technology. It’s alive!
• Additional, ergonomically shaped inner layer turtleneck construction.
• Integrated ASSOS rear stabilizer panel design (Patent no. EP 1 891 868)

38%PA, 10%PU, 14%EA, 5%PP, 33%PES