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Though it is not essential to have matching bibs and jerseys, Giordana likes to give you the option. That’s why they have created the Giordana Trade Squadra Scatto Bib Shorts with Cirro insert. They are of course in classic black, but have discreet flashes of the red-white-green tri colore flag on a back panel and a leg panel. Though you can pair the Trade Squadra Scatto Bib Shorts with just about any Giordana jersey, they are meant to fit most closely with the three different Trade Scatto Jersey designs.

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For the inner thigh panels and the panels that cover the chamois area, Giordana incorporates their Moovix compression Power Lycra. Moovix is a hollow micro fiber fabric that is not only light weight but also offers firm compression. It has an unusual honeycomb construction that offers an all-way stretch. Giordana even designed it to affect a gentle massaging feel due to constant expanding and contracting of the move-with-you stretch and strong compression. You can also count on not having to worry about moisture build-up since the material will prevent any dampness from resting on the surface of your skin. Moovix has undergone an anti-bacterial treatment to prevent odors or rash-causing bacteria from proliferating. All of which is very important for those nether region where you are likely to be generating the most heat. For the outer thigh panels, Giordana employs their Shield Endurance material. Shield Endurance is a Power Lycra and an unusual fabric since it is manufactured using exclusive super dull poly yarn along with elastomer and woven using the latest Super 40 technology. Giordana has used it with these particular panels of the bibs because it is a fabric that resists color release. So you won’t have to worry about the colors of your bibs fading, even after repeated washings. The material is also especially useful on the side and front panels of the bibs because the Shield Endurance has a UPF 50+, so that you will get great coverage and protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

The hem of the legs are made from a six centimeter wide material called 190 E. However non-descriptive that name sounds, you’ll be impressed with how effective it is at holding your bib legs comfortably in place. It is a soft, non-restrictive leg band that discreetly has silicon threads woven through. These babies won’t snag at you even if you have not quite decided to join the world of the shaved legs. As for the uppers, the micromesh panels have been combined with the Giordana LoPro micro fiber bib straps. They are wide, comfortable and offer excellent moisture transfer, so your straps won’t be causing you to overheat. Reflective accents have been included on the legs to give you a bit of security against inattentive drivers.

For the chamois pad, Giordana has turned to their top drawer option, the Cirro OmniForm Insert. It is made from three layers of varying thickness and purposes. This highly ventilated padding is cut to a unique smaller shape that protects and supports the rider at crucial points against the saddle. To ensure that seams never come in contact with the rider’s body, all stitches are completely concealed in recessed channels. The layer that sits closest to your skin is made from a special nylon micro fiber infused with Aloe Vera. Since the Aloe is infused into the threads, and not just an after production treatment, it is not something that will ever wash out of the fabric. Aloe cools, protects and even heals the skin while the rider is in the saddle. In addition, Aloe Vera is a natural defender against bacteria, so you won’t be in constant fear of developing those accursed saddle sores. The middle layer is a four millimeter thick waffled memory foam which helps with the moisture management by circulating any dampness to the outside of the short so that it can easily air out. Underneath the upper layers is an eight millimeter thick section of open-cell padding that is hand sewn to the materials above. The Cirro OmniForm insert stretches like elastic and conforms to all movements on the bike, so you won’t be fighting your pad as well as the wind.

The Giordana Trade Squadra Scatto Bib Shorts with Cirro insert will offer you that comfortable yet durable option that will keep you coming back to them ride after ride.