EXO System Compression Knickers


AeroFix Pro™ bib uppers Ametista™ wraps the waist with anti-electrical carbon properties Granfondo™ leg panels Illusion™ rear upper panel and hips LoPro 30™ used for the leg bands. Mesh Xpansion™ panels behind the knee for fit and temperature regulation Moovix™ compression focused leg panels Zaffiro™ used at the inner thigh and seat panels for durability. Revolutionary paneling supports the knee and facilitates uniform pedal stroke Four needle flat-stitched seams Reflective accents for visibility Giordana’s top of the line Cirro OF™ chamois with aloe vera infusion See more at:

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A Bib Knicker designed for summer use may sound strange, but the EXO Bib Knickers have completely revolutionized cycling apparel by incorporating progressive muscle isolation paneling with a compressive focus. The paneling of the EXO Bib Knickers starts with knee support that facilitates uniform pedal strokes. The paneling and material support the tendons connecting the patella to the surrounding muscles, which can cause pain in many cyclists. This helps reduce strain on the knee while offering support to help it track properly throughout the pedal stroke. The paneling throughout the thighs and glutes is designed to surround, support, and compress the muscle groups to delay fatigue through the benefits of active compression. The driving force behind the compressive powers of the knickers are high quality power lycras™ like Moovix, that are deployed in the paneling to provide specifically targeted amounts of compression. This omni-directional stretch fabric creates a micro-massaging effect on the muscles that promotes blood flow during activity to help delay the onset of fatigue. Similar compressive fabrics wrap the lower knee and calf to increase blood flow to and from the lower legs and feet. The bib uppers are cut to be sturdy while framing the rider’s upper body as ergonomically as possible. This bib knicker system is currently the pinnacle of cycling apparel technology in the industry. Ideally suited for rider’s who like equipment that pushes the bounds of what is possible and aren’t afraid to try something new.
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