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The ASSOST_FI.Lady is the new standard of performance in bibshorts, for those who loves to ride, specifically tailored to fit the female body.

Directly on the skin of the lower body, using an ASSOS interactive body insulator as the first layer on the upper body, then the SS.Lady

ALS Tips
In cooler conditions, complement the T_FI.Lady with a pair of legwarmers and always use ASSOS preRide chamois crème on your skin where it comes in contact with the insert area.


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In the world of cycling apparel, patents are very rare. In the case of theT_FI.Lady, two lady-specific ASSOS innovations have obtained a patent.
First is the ABC Closure System specifically engineered to fit a woman’s body, creating the perfect female fit solution for bib construction. Providing total wearing comfort, by means of the Y-panel design that contours inbetween instead of over the breasts, it incorporates the ABC Closure System, which allows you to tailor the bib length to your liking and to more easily dress / undress.
The second patent is for the construction of the leg grippers. Instead of full-circumference leg grippers, ASSOS developed a sewing construction that allows half-circumference grip without losing stability. Why? Because the female body naturally stores bit more fat in the thighs, and the leg grippers on female shorts often provoke an esthetically unpleasing picture. Not anymore! Now women can enjoy a proper leg fit – the shorts stay in position – without the unflattering skin impressions.
The heart of any shorts is the protection insert, and theT_FI.Lady features the legendary ASSOS custom elastic interface insert. It is the result of a six-month field analysis in which 112 female cyclists participated, back when ASSOS first launched the Comfort Revolution (first elastic insert) over 10 years ago. Since then, the ASSOS Lady insert has been refined and perfected, today featuring s5 waffle technology that makes it 35% more breathable.
Like all the other s5 generation of shorts, theT_FI.Lady features the Type.434 custom textile blend, a fabric specifically designed and engineered for cycling applications by ASSOS Textile Lab Lugano. This fabric is not commercially available. Why a custom fabric? Because, for us, the fabric characteristics needed to produce high performance cycling shorts are unique, and it’s not acceptable to use a standard, and less expensive, off-the-shelve spandex blend.
The Type.434 features:
– frameReturn powerMatrix – superFlat macrodimension fibre, enabling extremely dense knitting
construction per square inch, controlled elasticity and return stretch, hence more soft muscle compression, more protection in case of a crash and more resistance to abrasion.
– ASSOS iceColor technology – reduces heat absorbtion, keeping you cooler, enhancing endurance and performance. UV 50+
– P.A.T. – Permanent Antibacterial Treatment. Inhibits bacterial formation, increasing hygiene, prolonging fabric performance and features, and reducing odours.

Lady specific pattern design takes into account female physiology and proportions. TheT_FI.Lady is pre-shaped, ergonomically designed to fit your anatomy correctly in the tuck cycling position. At ASSOS we strive to obtain these results with as few panels as possible, placing the necessary elastic seams where you won’t feel them, but sufficient to allow the garment to function properly, enhancing your comfort and performance. Tailored to contour and protect your body intelligently, without restriction, theT_FI.Lady provides total freedom of mind and movement.
The newT_FI.Lady provides ASSOS shorts technology specifically tailored to accommodate the female body. A true value when intelligent riding comfort and protection is required. Have a good ride!


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