Assos H.rallyBoxer_s7 (Mens)








Mountain bike boxer H.rallyBoxer_S7 – ASSOS of Switzerland

Designed and engineered to work in unison with the H.rallycargoShort_S7, this padded boxer short takes design features seen in the S7 series of shorts, the security of the impact pads seen in our T.rallyShort_S7 and the comfort of the mille insert, giving you ASSOS comfort under the style of a baggy mountain bike short. Something new for ASSOS, these boxers will take your mountain biking to the next level.



These are to be used in conjunction with our H.rallycargoShort_S7 and worn directly against your skin for the ultimate performance and comfort.

ALS tips
Produced from a super lightweight material, these are perfect, particularly for warmer days. Paired with a skinFoil body insulator, they will become a central part of your ASSOS mountain biking outfit, offering the flexibility to be used in all conditions.

Technological engineering
Incorporating the design features seen on the waist of our H.mille_S7 short and giving you the most technologically advanced comfort, these lightweight boxers have been engineered to give you the S7 comfort alongside our all-new H.rallycargoShort_S7 without causing your body to overheat. Taking one of the key design features from our T.rallyShort_S7, we have included small pockets on the sides of the boxers to allow you to place our impactPads in these shorts, giving you a little more security if you should take a tumble.

The construction

  • 1.     Low pressure waist design as seen on the H.mille_S7 short for increased comfort and stability in these boxers.
  • 2.     Constructed using a super lightweight, high-stretch and very soft fabric to give you S7 generation comfort.
  • 3.     Designed and constructed with external seams to reduce friction and increase comfort.
  • 4.     At the centre of these boxers is the mille insert, which has been positioned to give you maximum comfort when riding in the more upright position of mountain biking.
  • 5.     Two pockets on the sides of these boxers to allow the use of our impactPads.

Key features –

  • Hip protection thanks to impactPads
  • Low pressure waist design for increased comfort
  • Mille insert, specifically positioned for optimal comfort when mountain biking
  • Lightweight, highly elastic and soft material for ultimate comfort
  • Designed specifically to be used with the H.rallycargoShort_S7

Mountain biking is new territory for ASSOS – as are baggy riding shorts. By combining them with the all-new H.rallyBoxer_S7, you will not only get next generation comfort but also the additional security of the impactPads, making them the ideal choice for the most demanding mountain bikers.