ASSOS fuguGloves S7


Our objective was to create a really warm but low volume glove for winterPlus riding conditions. We think the result was worth our efforts and love to detail. The new fuguGloves are a very complex product. Made of 6 different textiles, 15 patterns and 8 different components. The fuguGloves provide a very high level of insulation and protection and offers a 3-in-1-approach: very warm and cosy inner layer, strataGon in the middle for perfect airBlock protection and a resistant outer layer.

Works best in combination with our new tights LL.fugu, fuguJacket, new fuguGlove, new fuguBootie and, of course, new fuguSocks. For the perfect winterPlus outfit.



Back of the hand: 23%PU. 33%PP, 30%PA,14%EA,

Palm: 65%PA, 35%PU

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